Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Since my blog seems to be taking shape into more of a nostalgic art thread on my behalf, I figure i'll post some homework pics as well.
to all those wondering what art college must be like:
most of every assignment will you have questioning reality at all times.
BUT- there are some assignments buried deep in the endless piles of homework that you very much enjoyed working on. For me, it had to be the game board project in Sophomore Ad & Graph. It was a wonderful exercise of communication, conceptualization, and specializing everyones' uniqueness in making a superbly enjoyable end result.
It was a great honor writing the basis and characters for the game, and an even greater experience to see other people craft it into a reality.
Matt Koulermos, Luke Deady, and my good pal Emily Spear are the team in the photo above.

Painting, drawing, and sculpting is one thing, but to make interactive art was a majestically rewarding learning experience.