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working. i miss you guys.

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been crazy busy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

high five for all the pals who got their diploma today.
I've been trying to get back to doing quick drafts on paper, and I can honestly say that i've been spoiled because of photoshop. While I've gotten faster on programs it feels like all the neglect of the triple p's (pencil, pen, paperzzz) has caught up with me. Lots of work to be done, i'll hope to update as soon as I get the chance to.

Don't pay any attention to the upload, boredom taking hold of me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

• Portrait Process •

There is a really good vibe we've got going on in Columbus - this sort of Illustrator's unifying; where the old world told us that we're all out to get each other, we're rejecting that and trying to be better friends and helpful professionals to one another. Honestly, it feels like the mindset is finally right - the old mentality is just, well, negative. Which, negativity is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is apparent that the attitudes have to change. We're all connected.
You, right now, reading this, are becoming connected to me, it's a simple, quaint fact. So, in respect to the whole "let's be a community" thing, I figured i'd scan a few quick drawings I did today in a portrait class and break down the process with 3 fairly easy steps to the approach.

First, as elementary as this sounds, I just draw. Just like a swimmer may want to just play around in the water before he/she starts to do time runs, I just draw for a little bit; it is an incredibly helpful and important process to ready your hand for a more intellectual dive into what you want to represent on the paper.

The structure of the subject matter begins to take noticeable shape in the second step. In this case, since it is a portrait study, the facial structure and slight keys of the anatomy begin to be easier to decipher. This step, although it is a very fast sketch like the first, has a greater depth of likeness integrity. The first step was practice, and this one is the preliminary. 

Keep in mind all of these drawings are not long at all - the third step actually took just a little longer than the first two - probably 20 or 30 minutes, and then the minutes that followed were simply erasing slight things that bugged me. Anywho - before I begin to draw with my (brick) charcoal, I turn the brick on it's side and coat the entire paper with the blunt side, and then smudge all of it with a paper towel (pretty basic 'tonic' technique, most of everyone learns how to tone their own paper early on). This drawing was approached VERY slowly than the others: instead of letting my hand do the orchestration and my mind wanders, my head orchestrates while my hand builds the blocks. I look very closely at both my model and my drawing very often, probably 3-4 seconds in moderation, so there is alot of looking up-and looking down-in this drawing. After i've drawn her out, I take a tuff-stuff eraser pen and use the blunt side of the eraser stick to lift off the charcoal and create accented highlights. Not a finished drawing, but at this point I am most concerned with the 'likeness' of my model - correct anatomical structure and eliminated any exaggerations in my studies are the top on my list at this point.

Well, that's my attempt at being part of the community. Hopefully i'll get a chance to do some more of these in the days to come.

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I have to say that figure drawing was probably the most fun, in general, out of all the classes in the C. Because it was a wonderful thing to realize just how fast I was starting to get, and how your thought process evolves when you are thinking about what kind of image it is going to be when the session is over. Somewhere along the lines it stops being a homework assignment and you decide to make it what it is : something you make, which has, ultimately, more integrity than a "homework" piece would feel like. I think that is what separates the people who drudge along and the people who really start to twist it around for the better. All in all, I'll miss life drawing, not sure when i'll get the chance to do it again.

100% original

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1: Painting detail

2 & 3: Sketches 

4: If you never met me, this is pretty much what I look like 
A mouse-pad I made for Svet.

30 minutes.

So, I had 30 minutes to myself and sketched up a very on-the-spot sketch of a transformer. Because, I mean, there ain't nothing cooler than a Transformer, honestly; except maybe a kitten with gargantuan eyeballs. On another note, I uploaded two new videos of likewise quick sketches. Watch them and star the hell out of me.



No joke - i'm in a choke-hold of work right now on behalf of CCAD's infamous senior semester, we've got Directions coming up and the ribbon on my college school is going to be cut in a few weeks 3:

On a good note, it's been a phenomenally good few days. * Can't really say much now, but I can throw up a few uploads of the work I did for the 2009 Hasbro Toy competition. I didn't place in the sculpting 5...buuuuut.....well, i'll just leave it at that ;3. As far as the book goes, I mean, it could have been alot better, but overall, i'm satisfied with how it printed. If anyone who didn't get picked is reading this, don't feel bad. Like, 80% of the toys in there were awesome, and the remaining percent were no joke amazing, coming from someone who never sculpts, I'm sure it doesn't mean much - but honestly, the toys that were busted out looked so awesome. I put in so much work on my guy but...well, he kinda fell short of the competition. But, in the end, well, let's just say, he did his job : he was there to support the artwork.  X3 x3 oh lolol

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

- G.I. Joe : New Ops Book -

Alright, getting published. Feels good.
Also, get that money.

Can't upload the pages until next week when the comp is done, so, yeah.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

G.I. Joe : New Ops Comic Panel

Just havin some fun.


Olllllllllld sketch

Mozart's Color Exploration - Video # 3

Posting it before I forget and wander off into the workload.
This is the only video of the three without a commentary, but probably the weakest in terms of subject matter and content. I just wanted a "snappy" music video.

Lots of old sketches for nostalgia's sake,
the last four are from freshman year;
I really do believe those were my best
"drawin" years, I had the clearest mind
in terms of what I wanted out of myself
and what I wanted out of the world.

In other news, I made and ordered my first printed art book today for all of the stuff done for G.I. Joe : New Joes! 34 pages of stuff, so i'm pretty excited to see what that looks like after it comes out of the presses. Been blogging alot as of floors me how many of us are out there, making things, every day, and will be 'til the end of our days. It's 6:49AM, and no sign of stopping so far. I'll upload the third video i've made for the boys over at Hasbro for you guys to enjoy, but the rest will have to come after they stop down in Columbus. 

Rooting for you while you root for me.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Insomniac Games Contest : Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon Design

I had overheard a few folks talking about a weapon design contest 
over at Insomniac™ Games, so I had to gorge myself on it.
Unfortunately, forgetting to read one line of the rules that 
specifically stated: "Avoid fine details", I'm hoping they
mean for the gun, lol. In which case, all the schematic 
stuff I have around it will have them tossing it in 
the trash in no time.

Other than that, Insomniac™ is a great publisher,
their titles have always had that cartoony flair that
attracts more coming-of-age adults rather than
teenagers. Come to think of it, I never realized
how much fun I really had on Sly Cooper, Spyro,
and R&C. Good tizzimes.

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Something old,

And something new.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm making 3 books.

I'm going to die.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I promise i'm working. I'm extremely tired.
Have some ridiculous nonsense in the meantime.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Resident Evil 5. What a game. Seriously. What. A. Game.
I really admire the fact that capcom contacted firearm makers like Sig, H&K, and other manufacturers of numerous products featured throughout the game to texture out the smallest details for the closest representation of realism in an already cutting edge game. Screw all the 'racist' publicity American reviewers are trying to spin - you can't tell people a clean, pressed shirt has a stain on it. Speaking of which, anyone read the reviews for the Watchmen yet? Seriously - have you? Wikipedia the reception of the film, the reviews people are making are blindingly absurd. Someone had the nerve to say, "Watchmen is a bore."; and many of them collectively complain that the film followed the graphic novel too closely, and, from that one concept, go on to spin preposterous criticism that a film based on a graphic novel simply should not represent it down to the bone. - - I'm sorry, if a film, based on a video game, or a graphic novel, follows the original work too closely, it's because that is the POINT of the film. They, of course, rewrote certain scenes, i.e. the child killer that Rorschach executes, so, it was in fact "interpreted", the effort that most critics latch on to. I guess, what i'm trying to say is:
Did anyone see Super Mario Brothers?
You know, that little film, based on that video game? Remember, how they didn't change ANYTHING at all when trying to recreate it? My humble, and well reserved opinion on film adaptations of both games and comics is simply: i'd rather you recreate each panel and frame of the original work than see you completely, COMPLETELY change everything, save for the character's names, which seems to be the total opposite of what most employed critics believe.
...Probably read 3 pages of any of the issues and that suddenly assumed they were masters on prophecizing  what it should have been.
Whatever. Resident Evil 5: Play it. Watchmen: Watch it.

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Old stuff.

Which one are you?

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whole lotta this goin down

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In 7 days I somehow managed to make 9 videos on youtube,
granted, not the best videos in the world, but considering the fact
that I utilized that trial software to the last drop of time, I feel happy.

I do feel a little weird in knowing that all of the videos were very military-related, seeing as how I was finishing up vehicle work for a project. Hopefully, when I do get Snapz, i'll have more of a variety of subject matter on there. You can see my videos at:
Hey there b-spot.
I've been a little preoccupied with school, portfolio nonsense, and a really wicked project underway with the 3D fellas at Hasbro - seeing as how they're probably going to go toy-nuts with the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, i'm doing a new G.I. Joe line for them. Can't say i'm feeling too confident about physically sculpting my guy out, but like all things, it will have a beginning and an end eventually. I've had a ton of fun for the 2D design aspect of creating the character, but, up until I go through with the presentation, I won't post anything on here as of yet. So, until then, enjoy some remote-controlled tanks.

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getting addicted to this Snapz Pro - im tellin ya

Friday, January 30, 2009

Snapz Pro is awesome, srsly - next program i'm buying, hands down.

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