Sunday, April 12, 2009

G.I. Joe : New Ops Comic Panel

Just havin some fun.


Raz said...

Hey man, these are pretty tight. I was surprised to see your comment on my blog, lol. I didn't even known you had a blog page, although I should have assumed that you did. How'd you find my page?

Brian Elliott said...

Yeah man, I got a blog, but it is severely neglected.

Honestly, I have more fun posting old stuff I did back in high school and freshman year.

I found your page through Boot Camp's blog - I was scoping Mike's, Alex's, Don's, etc etc all that stuff and found some entries you made. I seldom get the time to float around on blogs these days.

But yeah man, I sincerely meant what I said, you are improving at a hyper rate, bro. Those concepts of that gal in huge armor? Very reminiscent of Blizzard's sheets, man. Very ill.

But anyway, yeah. This is an outlet for the random things I do from time to time.