Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lots of old sketches for nostalgia's sake,
the last four are from freshman year;
I really do believe those were my best
"drawin" years, I had the clearest mind
in terms of what I wanted out of myself
and what I wanted out of the world.

In other news, I made and ordered my first printed art book today for all of the stuff done for G.I. Joe : New Joes! 34 pages of stuff, so i'm pretty excited to see what that looks like after it comes out of the presses. Been blogging alot as of floors me how many of us are out there, making things, every day, and will be 'til the end of our days. It's 6:49AM, and no sign of stopping so far. I'll upload the third video i've made for the boys over at Hasbro for you guys to enjoy, but the rest will have to come after they stop down in Columbus. 

Rooting for you while you root for me.


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