Thursday, November 13, 2008

the cool thing about drawing, just like, well, every last thing in life-
is that it has a story. Every bit of it, every scratch of ink had a thought behind it.

I want to say I drew this about 3 years or so ago.
I was staying at my pal Jeff's house- this log cabin in the most beautiful hillside,
buried in trees and wrapped in sunlight during the day and completely dark at nightfall.

It was the first night I had sat down to play Resident Evil 4, and, some hours later, Jeff
trotted off to bed and in the wee hours of the night I stayed up all night and drew, drew, drew.

I'm not sure what goes through your head when you are doing the thing(s) you love, 
I can remember that I felt like the whole world was asleep that night when I was drawing.
Thinking that all over the world, even on the other half where the sun is shining, people took
the time to take a nap. I really felt like I was the last person awake that day,
doing his best to make sense of the time I was lucky to have by myself.

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