Wednesday, November 12, 2008

 I can remember doing a bunch of drawings 
while looking at the screen playing Vagrant Story.
Truth is, no one can copy a masterpiece.
That's the point of the piece being mastered.

remember how awesome it was to learn new things,
like the hue/saturation tool? 

Yeah, hah, it's still got it.

For all the potential onlookers, friends, and fellow creators,
my name is Brian Elliott, a soon-to-be graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design.

I don't get out half as much as I used to when I was a much more bright eyed kid in the city,
so hopefully this site will be a good window for everyone who might happen to wonder what
it is I might be doing in my day to day life of defeat and victory.

This blog stuff is new to me, so i'll make sure to upgrade it and 
throw on links to my fellow guys and gals on the front lines.
For the most part, i'll do my best to keep this blog a day-to-day upload 
of old sketches that have never seen the light of day for your viewing pleasure.

be good, be just.


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